My name is Marcin Nawrocki. I live in Kutno, a small city in the center of Poland. I am a member of Union of Polish Wildlife Photographers and Eagle Conservation Committee. I have been interesting photography from the moment, when for the first time, I saw a camera in my friend's hands. The next day, in the very early morning we went to take some photos and it was my beginning to explore the wildlife before the sunrise. Photography, at the beginning was my hobby, but since 2000 it became my lifestyle.

First, I was fascinated by the  ray lights in the morning, the foggy landscapes and  the macro photography. However for about four years,  I've tried to photo wild animals, but it requires a lot of sacrifice. I spend plenty of time in a special shelter  waiting for animals. It learns patience and humility. My first bird of prey I took a picture,  was the white- tailed  eagle. This beautiful bird, became  my symbol  in the world of wildlife photography.
skype: marcin.fotolens
mobile: + 48 508 062 650
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